Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello world!

This is our first post and we are very excited! We had a long team discussion about whether we should start this blog.  In the end, we decided to do it in order to share our entrepreneurship experiences.  An amazing thing in having a start-up is that you can try so many different things and collect such a breadth of experiences you would never get in any other job.  So, we decided to write it all down.

So what do we do?  Our company, InsurEye, was officially born in March 2011 in Ontario, Canada!  From the very beginning we knew what the focus of the company would be: provide user-friendly online tools to help educate people about insurance.  But we wanted to do it in a cool way, breaking the insurance taboos and creating transparency.  Both Dmitry and I have worked with cool technologies in our previous, pre start-up lives and we loved it.

We’re an unusual company in many ways: we’re not in a typical start-up industry, we have an extremely diverse team, with very dispersed team members.  Our folks are located in Canada (Toronto, Montreal), the U.S., Germany, and Eastern Europe. If you want to read more about how it all started, check out this article from MaRS here!

Here in Canada we work with two organizations supporting entrepreneurs: CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and MaRS Discovery District.  Check them out – both are very useful for entrepreneurs.

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